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More than a Club

The Scarlets Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion & Pembrokeshire

Nine Pembrokeshire rugby clubs have been helping the Scarlets to deliver over 400 vital food care packages across the region to vulnerable members of society who are self-isolating during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The care packages have been delivered by Community Champions from grassroots rugby clubs.

This 'More than a Club' ethos highlights that rugby clubs and sports clubs remain at the heart of their community.

The Scarlets Community Foundation have been overwhelmed with the support that they have received from local rugby clubs and the number of people prepared to volunteer to help the most vulnerable in our communities.

Grazing the Fields Pembrokeshire

Did you know that traditionally all fields in Wales were named?

These field names have been handed down through the generations, often just by word of mouth and for many farms are still used today. Over time, the names may change. This can be due to a new family buying the farm or a significant event, such as ‘Parc y Bom’ in Hayscastle.

Over the past six months, we have been spoken to over 70 farmers all over Pembrokeshire, recording their field names, alongside any known history of how their field was named. With the help of local schools, community groups and individuals we have written out the field names and hand-carved 120 oak plaques for the field gates.

These plaques will help celebrate the field names for generations to come and we hope will encourage the wider community to get to know their landscape on more personal terms.

Del and his personal story…

Ymlaen Llanelli

How Kind is your community?

Here is Del, from Llanelli and his personal story. 

Tin Man Tuesday

Wyndham Williams Pembrokeshire

Tin Man Tuesday a project to support Pembrokeshire foodbanks by collecting tins from outside people's homes on a specific time and day.

The tins are then delivered to a local foodbank or food redistribution charity.

Tinman Tuesday was born from a memory of Wyndham Williams when he was a young boy going around his local town in Narberth with his grandmother, knocking people’s doors asking for food donations for the British Legion raffle.

He remembers pulling around a trolley bag full of tins and people in the town being so kind by donating all kinds of food parcels to support the charity.

This memory has now been brought back to life by inspired volunteers, with over eleven other Tin Man community projects running in Pembrokeshire.

One simple of act of kindness began with a tin and now it has inspired a community to be connected and kind.

On Your Bike!

Stephen Dove Ceredigion

‘During the lockdown, Stephen has been delivering face shields sourced from Crymych Community Project.

On the road 7 hrs a day, making sure Ceredigion Care homes, essential Retail, support workers and funeral directors all had face shields to provide protection.

Stephen also joined a Facebook group called: Scrubs for Bronglais, where a group of sewing enthusiasts sourced materials from haberdasheries and made them into scrubs for the staff at the A&E department at Bronglais General Hospital. Stephen and many of the Ceredigion Bikers Groups, went around delivering and collecting materials and scrubs. They were working around the clock to protect the local NHS staff at Bronglais Hospital.

During the evenings, Stephen went back to delivering food, so he was on the roads for 14 hrs a day with rest breaks.’ He deserves a tip!

Heroes without Capes

Round Table Pembrokeshire

In uncertain times during the past couple of months, sometimes it has been hard to remain cheerful. But the period has highlighted the power of volunteering in action.

It has brought local companies together to support our community.

Whilst the KIA garage showroom in Narberth was closed, it was turned into a hub for Pembrokeshire Round Tables to prepare food hampers for frontline NHS staff. With generous contributions from other local companies like Castell Howell and Princes Gate Mineral Water, they have all come together to help support Pembrokeshire’ key workers. During the period, over £1500 worth of food parcels were delivered to NHS staff.

Congratulations to the Pembrokeshire business community, showing just how powerful local collaboration can be.

Scone Maiden

Freya Carmarthenshire

Freya age 10 loves to bake and wanted to do something to help the NHS and local community she came up with an idea to make cream teas and deliver them locally.

Her mum set up a Facebook page SCONE MAIDEN, achieving her goal in 5 weeks of £500. She gave half the money raised to a local foodbank and the other to NHS.

Freya would knock on doors, put the bag down and stand back to say hello from a safe distance and says: “It was lovely to see people smile and be happy to receive them people have been so generous supporting the Scone Maiden”.

Well done Freya we would like to award you and your mum with our digital Kindness Badge and Banner to use on your Facebook page.

A Picture of Kindness

Connect to Kindness Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire has long been proud of Barry and The VC Gallery family.

They’ve been saving, changing and bettering people’s lives for many years now. They recently distributed an incredible £8,000 worth of food donations gifted to them by Marston’s Y Cerrig Glas in Pembroke Dock.

On VE Day The VC Gallery team treated our Veterans and the wider community like VIP’s! 58 veterans and 24 local residents received food packs in their 3-hour mission.

Pembrokeshire Community Champions to the very core!

Volunteers in Llanbadarn Fawr

Llanbadarn Residents Ceredigion

Volunteers in Llanbadarn Fawr have stepped in to support locals during the Covid 19 pandemic.

When lockdown stated, Llanbadarn residents were concerned for neighbours who may be stuck at home and worried about how to get their shopping and prescriptions or who may become lonely and isolated.

Led by Julie Humphreys and a willing band of volunteers the whole of Llanbadarn was divided up into small areas and a volunteer assigned to each patch.

Letters were delivered to every household with a local contact number to phone for support, a Facebook group was also started.

Along with prescriptions and shopping, locals have sewn scrubs, grown plants in the community tubs, provided a book swap in the bus shelter, a food bank donation point in the laundrette, arranged a litter pick and have plans for a community outdoor pop-up café for in the future.

Volunteers have enjoyed supporting others and have linked in with Waun Fawr volunteers who provided useful setup advice, the Council and with CAVO Ceredigion association of voluntary organisations.
Lucy Duncanson, one of the volunteers said, “I’ve got to know my neighbours better and there is a lovely community spirit in the village”.

Embracing Kindness

Anwen Evans Ceredigion

Anwen has been fundraising for a local Ceredigion charity, HAHAV – Hospice services, by shaving off her hair.

She has chosen this charity because she has used their services and would have been lost without them.

Anwen's GoFundme Page is still receiving donations, even though she has already shaved her hair off! 

Anwen has currently raised over £950 for HAHAV. Go Anwen!! 

Kindness for Workers

Ceredigion County Council Ceredigion

Ceredigion County Council waste collection teams are very grateful for the numerous messages of support and thanks they are receiving.

Several members of the public have left messages of thanks for the Council’s refuse collectors during the coronavirus pandemic.

Some also left cake!

Community Pebble Snake

Johanna Taylor Ceredigion

Johanna Taylor’s son was missing his friends as the country went into lockdown.

The family enjoy going for walks and painting stones so they decided they wanted to create something that local children could keep adding to, hoping that it would help bring a smile to people’s faces.

They came up with the idea of the Covid-19 snake.

Johanna’s daughter painted the head and as a family, they painted some 8 more stones. To date, other people have added another 20 stones to make a colourful, bright feature that brings a little joy!

“It has been a great talking point, we’re hoping to concrete the snake into the ground as a reminder for the future as this is a time we don’t want to forget,” says Johanna.

The Rainbow Fairy

Diana Brook Pembrokeshire

The Rainbow Fairy has been busy in Narberth since the end of March. Local artist and teacher Diana Brook has been sharing a symbol of hope, happiness and solidarity with her community.

Over 800 (and counting) rainbows have been painted on houses in the town. As well as on rainbow takeaways for those who don’t live in the town. Rainbows were also painted on the cars of front line workers (and others who just love rainbows!).

The Rainbow Fairy Facebook Page has had an incredible amount of support, from all around the world, demonstrating the power of Kindness.

Kindness is for Everyone

Ahmed and Enas Hamoudy Ceredigion

Syrian families across Ceredigion have found a way to pay forward the kindness shown to them after being made to feel welcome after living through the heartbreak of war.

Ahmed and Enas Hamoudy, from Cardigan, chose to cook 40 beautiful meals for staff at a local care home around the corner from their house.

The couple paid for the boxes and ingredients for the 40 staff themselves and the food was delivered by local volunteers helping with the corona community response in Cardigan.

The generous gift was much appreciated and Enas is now writing a recipe book as part of learning English.

Here is an ITV news item, covering the story

WAUNFAWR Community and Support Group

Aberystwyth Friendship Group Ceredigion

Community spirit through lockdown has been heart-warming in Waunfawr with everyone offering help to each other, friends and neighbours.

People have been busy gardening, shopping, picking up prescriptions, also utilising the covered bus stops as swap shops for books, puzzles and garden plants.

The community has also been making face masks and laundry bags for care homes and Bronglais Hospital, made from donated duvet covers and sheets and collecting toiletries, books, unworn clothes, slippers, puzzles, tea and coffee for Bronglais staff and patients.

Distributing food donations

Nick Howells / Ceredigion

Here are just a few of the amazing volunteers from The Hatch distributing food donations between the Care Society and Wallich projects while working through the lockdown.

The vulnerable people who have been self-isolating, the local community have volunteered to collect and deliver the parcels.

We cannot praise the efforts and hard work from the Hatch and the volunteers enough and supporting our community has been absolutely tremendous.

Living on ‘Kind’ Road

The residents of Clive Road Pembrokeshire

A street in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, was recently renamed ‘Kind’ Road when a local resident took it upon themselves to spread a little kindness.

Residents woke up on a Sunday morning to find a paper bag on their doorstep. In the bag also were items to make a cuppa (tea bag/ coffee bag), biscuits and small bags of sweets for any children in the house.

During the lockdown, neighbours had been keeping an eye out for each other.

These are the sorts of things good neighbours do, often without thinking, but spread a little kindness when it’s most needed. What a neighbourhood!

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